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Instagram Is Single-Handedly Remaking Brands’ Social Media Image

A recent report from NetBase tracked the most loved global brands and found that Instagram had catapulted to the top of the list, beating out YouTube and parent company Facebook. More impressive than that ranking is how much of a boon Instagram has been to other beloved brands. If you want to remake your social […]

Comedian Baratunde Thurston Sees Opportunity in Our Personal Data Crisis

Futurist comedian Baratunde Thurston recently penned a Medium post to urge people to think differently about their personal data. His main argument: we care a lot less than we should, and it’s time to take back control. In vein with our 2018 global theme, “Closer,” the piece explains why the evolution of digital technology has […]

HQ Trivia Offers Its Biggest Cash Prize Ever During NBA Finals

Game show app sensation HQ Trivia is celebrating this year’s NBA Finals in the biggest way possible—offering its largest cash prize ever in the history of the twice-daily game. For those unfamiliar, the HQ Trivia was launched in August 2017 by two of Vine’s original founders, Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll. The two came together […]

‘It’s Complicated’: Unpacking Marketing’s Tenuous Relationship with Tech

When my team held a brainstorming session in late summer 2017 to discuss our global theme for the tenth anniversary of Social Media Week, we could not have possibly imagined what would come in the months to follow—namely, the Cambridge Analytica scandal and an industry-wide about-face regarding the role of tech in society. In some […]

Report: Parents & Families are Driving Voice Technology Adoption

It’s no secret that voice is gaining traction, with the rising popularity of Amazon Echo and Google Home leading the way to greater adoption. Publicis Media recently conducted a study to better understand which types of consumers are driving the growth, and they found that among voice technology’s biggest supports are families. To inform the […]

Facebook is Fighting Fake News with Third-Party Fact-Checkers

In the wake of ongoing criticism around the role of its platform in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election and other political events, Facebook has announced it will be beefing up the fight against fake news with third-party fact-checkers. Facebook will begin fact-checking photos and videos as one of many updates to “protect and promote civic […]

Lionsgate Produces its First Show For Facebook Watch, a Prank Series From Kim Kardashian

This article was written by Matt Lopez and originally appeared on VIDEOINK. “You Kiddin’ Me” is a 10-episode series, produced by Lionsgate, that features celebrities getting pranked by their kids. In the prank series, the kids will be in charge of pulling off pranks with the help of their parents — and their parents must […]

Digital Stars of the Past Where Are They Now? Part 1

This article was written by Nicolette Acosta and originally appeared on VIDEOINK. From YouTube to You Who? We’ve all done it: Getting lost down the internet rabbit hole and find ourselves watching a favorite video from 2007 (about to be over decade ago if you want to feel old) and while enjoying someone who used […]

Facebook Wants To Bring People Closer By Boosting Local News

Your local news crew is following you, or at least their stories are, thanks to a new Facebook initiative that aligns with the company’s 2018 focus on building community. The news comes just ten days after Facebook said it would be enlisting its users to help score the trustworthiness of content they see in the […]