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Facebook and LinkedIn Join the SMWLDN Lineup

Social Media Week London 2018 is fast approaching, and we’re continuing to bolster the lineup with incredible speakers and panelists to discuss new ideas, trends, and innovations in social media, publishing, and marketing. SAVE UP TO £100 BEFORE PRICES INCREASE! This week alone we’re announcing two new events, hosted by two of the biggest platforms […]

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Fake Followers

Big follower numbers on social media look impressive. To achieve that goal, many people turn to fake followers, which are imprecisely referred to as bots. If you’re growing frustrated with a client who only cares about followers and likes, you may be tempted to pay for fake followers. After all, even if you actively fight […]

How Does Facebook’s News Feed Work Now?

According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, more than half of American adults don’t understand why certain posts appear in their Facebook news feed. This report drops on the heels of Facebook tweaking its algorithm to prioritize “meaningful interactions,” meaning fewer posts from brands and more posts from friends should appear on users’ feeds. […]

Why You Should Care About Facebook’s Voice Assistant Project

It may seem like every tech company out there has a voice assistant who is ready to help you check the weather, buy laundry detergent, or start your playlist. Siri, Alexa, Cortana—who else can help us live our lives? One major company is conspicuously absent from the voice assistant game: Facebook. But thanks to some […]

Facebook Will Speak On Community + Responsibility At SMWLDN

We have an incredibly exciting addition to the SMWLDN lineup to announce. Ian Edwards, the Planning Director for Northern Europe at Facebook, will speak to attendees at the QEII Centre in London. The title of his talk: “Community, Opportunity, and Responsibility.” Not only is Ian an engaging speaker and accomplished in his own right, but […]

Why Brands Are Posting Way More Content To Facebook

In the second quarter of 2018, the top 20,000 pages on Facebook posted an incredible 8.1 million times, up 24 percent from the first quarter. That’s according to analysis from a joint Buffer-BuzzSumo report, which analyzed 43 million Facebook posts to see how brands are performing on the platform this year. It seems that in […]

4 Indispensable Resources For Digital Marketing Professionals

As digital marketing professionals, we’re inundated with companies offering us certification after certification. Some cost a lot of money, such as a digital marketing mini-MBA. Others are cheap, such as courses on Udemy. There are also those that are free. While a degree from a respected university looks nice, they can cost upwards of $5,000. […]

5 Must-Have Elements For Any Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

With 2.2 billion monthly active users, it should come as no surprise that major brands and small local businesses alike are trying to use Facebook to reach new customers and improve their financial results. Of course, achieving digital marketing success on Facebook requires much more than simply setting up a page for your business — […]

How The Top Social Media Platforms Have Changed And What It Means For Marketers

If you’ve been in social media marketing for several years, you will have experienced first hand how the top platforms change time and again. Whereas some old favorites still remain popular, others that were once widely-used are nowhere near the top of the list and yet others still have gained a huge number of active […]