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F8 2018: Everything You Missed & Need To Know

At its core, F8, Facebook’s annual two-day conference held in San Jose, serves as a showcase of the products and features in store for the platform for the upcoming year. These innovations are aimed to spark critical discussions about the future of tech amongst Facebook product experts, developers, and the broader global development community at-large. […]

Twitter Joins Facebook in Supporting Honest Ads Act

Twitter is joining Facebook in endorsing the Honest Ads Act, which is a bipartisan effort designed to provide greater transparency when it comes to political advertising. The news broke just hours before Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s on Capitol Hill, which confronted the events of Cambridge Analytica scandal and the overall role the tech titan in […]

Facebook is Fighting Fake News with Third-Party Fact-Checkers

In the wake of ongoing criticism around the role of its platform in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election and other political events, Facebook has announced it will be beefing up the fight against fake news with third-party fact-checkers. Facebook will begin fact-checking photos and videos as one of many updates to “protect and promote civic […]

Report: Here’s How Facebook’s Algorithm Change Is Affecting Publishers

This past January, Facebook announced a significant change to its algorithm, one that stands to impact publishers that rely on the News Feed to drive traffic to their properties. In a statement dated Jan. 11, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that public content (e.g. that which comes from brands and publishers instead of people) is […]

Can I Get Verified?: Verification Guidelines for Social Media

Getting verified on social media is one way brands build trust with their customers. However, each social media platform has different requirements. Keeping track of them all is confusing, so we’ve created a handy guide on how to verify your account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Facebook Facebook offers a blue and a […]

Lionsgate Produces its First Show For Facebook Watch, a Prank Series From Kim Kardashian

This article was written by Matt Lopez and originally appeared on VIDEOINK. “You Kiddin’ Me” is a 10-episode series, produced by Lionsgate, that features celebrities getting pranked by their kids. In the prank series, the kids will be in charge of pulling off pranks with the help of their parents — and their parents must […]

Facebook’s Controversial ‘Messenger Kids’ App Arrives On Android

Facebook’s controversial Messenger Kids chat app, which first came out on iOS in December, is now available on Android. Messenger Kids is a dedicated app designed to help children socialize with others, and it specifically targets children ages six through 12. Some detractors saw the creation of the app as a means for Facebook to […]

Unilever Turns Up the Heat on Facebook & Google Over Tech’s ‘Unintended Consequences’

Unilever has issued a stern warning to digital platforms including Facebook, Google, and YouTube: do more to improve transparency and clean up the “swamp” of fake news, exploitative, and socially divisive content, or be cut off from its multi-billion dollar digital advertising budget. CMO Keith Weed recently spoke at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual leadership […]

Facebook’s Next Step in Building Community: $10M in Grants

Facebook has made several important announcements as of late related to its mission to create more “meaningful communities.” The latest? Investment in a newly announced Community Leadership program designed to support its community-building leaders through a variety of residency and fellowship opportunities that offer training, support, and funding. Here’s how it will work: Facebook will […]

Facebook Wants To Bring People Closer By Boosting Local News

Your local news crew is following you, or at least their stories are, thanks to a new Facebook initiative that aligns with the company’s 2018 focus on building community. The news comes just ten days after Facebook said it would be enlisting its users to help score the trustworthiness of content they see in the […]