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Why Marketers Need To Adapt To Forge Deeper Connections With Gen Z

Gen Z (aka those born between 1995-2014) comprises 25% of the US population, and will account for 40% of all consumers by 2020. It is the largest and most ethnically diverse generation in history and currently represents around $143 billion in buying power (without factoring in influence on household spending). Gen Z has never known a world […]

3 Ways to Get to Know Gen Z at SMWNYC

A common misconception among marketers is that members of Gen Z—people born 1995 to 2014—are just like millennials, only even more hardened in stereotypical so-called “millennial” behaviors, such as being addicted to smartphones with a propensity to share every facet of their lives. Gen Z consumers are an interesting set, and they exhibit different dispositions […]

Report: We Have Gen Z All Wrong And Here’s Why

Think you know Gen Z? Think again. A new cultural insights report by research group Box1824 sheds light on the unique characteristics and values of Gen Z-ers (AKA people born 1995-2014) that set them apart from previous generations. Its findings provide important takeaways for brands looking to craft post-millennial marketing strategies. The report’s big finding: […]

15 Big Trends That Will Influence Marketing In 2018

The year 2017 was marked by heightened tensions (and a healthy dose of drama) at the intersection of technology and culture. The word of the year, according to, was “complicit,” defined as being involved in an illegal or questionable act. Outside of the context of politics, the term could also be applied to the cascade […]

Hmmm, Where’d They Get That Idea? Instagram Launches Face Filters

Instagram’s latest update has a fun, and quite familiar, new feature: face filters. The selfie lenses closely mimic what was arguably Snapchat’s most differentiated characteristic—and could spell more challenges for Snap Inc. on the horizon. At launch, Instagram is offering eight filters that work from the front- and back-facing cameras and even Boomerang. Similar to […]

Snap Out of It: TV Might Look Like Snapchat Sooner Than You Think

Publishers face an interesting road ahead as Snapchat Discover enters the We Make Original Content, Too! Hunger Games. There’ve been vocal skeptics, but the platform is pushing forward. Discover launched in January 2015, and has since been a home for daily magazine editions from partners like CNN, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, and ESPN. Now the company wants […]

6 Food Items That (Admit It) You Only Bought Because of Instagram

Eat it for the ‘gram? These days, some foods hit the market that seem to exist for one reason and one reason only: to appear on your Instagram feed. If you end up consuming the product, well, that’s just gravy. Let’s take a look at some of the more clever pieces of social media bait […]

15 Stats on How Gen-Z Spends Their Time on Social Media and Mobile Messaging

As the social media and mobile messaging landscape continues to evolve, so does the behavior and interests of one very important demographic: teens and Gen-Z. Today, Snapchat and Instagram reign supreme for high school and college students, followed closely by Facebook actually. An online study by SCG gathered data and responses to answer the question: […]

Why Influencer Marketing Works with Youth Culture for Real ROI

As the younger, cooler kid sister of traditional digital marketing, influencer marketing is often caught up in its own debate over return on investment (ROI). With the death of organic reach over the last few years, marketers have been forced to hop on board in the pay to play space to keep up a decent […]