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ICYMI: Privacy Review Alerts Are Headed to Your Facebook Feed

Heads up Facebook users—per an official Newsroom blog post, the social media company is starting to send alerts in the News Feed to prompt you to update your privacy settings. “After updating our data policy and making our privacy controls easier to find, we’re now showing people an alert as they visit News Feed so […]

F8 2018: Everything You Missed & Need To Know

At its core, F8, Facebook’s annual two-day conference held in San Jose, serves as a showcase of the products and features in store for the platform for the upcoming year. These innovations are aimed to spark critical discussions about the future of tech amongst Facebook product experts, developers, and the broader global development community at-large. […]

5 Burning Questions About the ‘WannaCry’ Ransomware Attack

A massive cyberattack that crippled computer systems in nearly 100 countries around the world has been temporarily halted, but experts say there could be similar attacks on the horizon. Here’s what you need to know. 1. What is it? On May 12, a ransomware attack began affecting computer systems around the world. Ransomware, is a […]

What the Latest FTC Crackdown Means for Your Influencer Marketing Efforts

The Federal Trade Commission is sending a stern warning to brands and influencers partnering on paid campaigns in social: disclose or pay the price. Per MediaPost, the FTC has sent letters to approximately 90 social media personalities—predominantly Instagram influencers—who partnered with brands like Adidas, Puma and Dunkin Donuts on campaigns and failed to disclose the […]

Facebook Drops the Hammer on Spam Ring, Purging Thousands of Fake Accounts

Facebook has shut down thousands of fake accounts that are believed to be part of a spam operation that the company had been combating for six months. The spam ring, with accounts mostly originating from Bangladesh, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, operated by liking publisher accounts and then targeting followers of those accounts with content. Facebook […]