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How To Cultivate Your Brand-Influencer Relationships

Back in June, Lia Haberman, Senior Director of Social Media and Audience Growth at LIVESTRONG.COM, took the stage at SMWLA to explain how her company develops on-going relationships and creates lasting partnerships with influencers. In this clip, Lia urges brands to consider their influencer’s goals in order to invest in a healthy partnership with them. […]

Why Influencer Marketing Is More Than A Brand Awareness Channel

There’s a common fallacy that exists in the marketing industry that data is for performance marketers and creative is for brand marketers. At Social Media Week Los Angeles, Angela Seits, Director of Social Media & Influencer Marketing, PMG cleared away some assumptions to focus on the need for performance and brand to work together within […]

How The Automotive Industry Is Getting Results From Social Media

For many brands, the customer journey has changed. This is especially true for the automotive industry, where people in the market for a new car can move through most of the purchase funnel without ever setting foot in a dealership. At Social Media Week Los Angeles Danielle Shamos, VP of Revenue West Coast, Adaptly, and […]

“Post With Purpose” To Achieve Results With Instagram

Food52, an independent digital food publisher, began as an effort to create the very first crowdsourced cookbook in 2009. Fifty-two weeks and 140 recipes later, co-founders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs realized they had much more than the raw materials of a cookbook at the fingertips; a community of almost 2 million social media followers […]

New Media Doesn’t Mean New Rules: The Challenges of Chatbots

In 2017, more than 1.3 billion people used Facebook Messenger. Brands are now leveraging Messenger and other chatbot platforms to communicate directly with consumers and deliver relevant content using Big Data and AI technology. However, while chatbots can help brands become closer to consumers, they can also create legal and ethical challenges. These were discussed […]

That’s a Wrap! Thank You Social Media Week LA

On behalf of the entire Social Media Week team, we want to thank attendees, speakers, partners, volunteers, and everyone in the SMW community for making the 9th edition of SMWLA an amazing and unforgettable experience. At this year’s event, we heard from over 100 speakers, who all touched on our 2018 global theme, “Closer,” which […]

How Can Brands Find And Keep Trusted Influencers?

If your company is looking to explore using influencer marketing to drive sales and brand awareness, you’re probably running into two common issues. One, how do you build a brand partnership with someone who isn’t technically an employee? And two, how do you compensate them? Luckily, Lia Haberman, Senior Director of Social Media and Audience […]

How Brands Use Influencers To Take An Honest Stand

It wasn’t that long ago that a major brand would probably avoid stepping into cultural conversations about sensitive topics at all costs. But that was then. Now, thanks to shifts in the culture, as well as the emergence of influencers—who can tell their own story while authentically integrating the message of the brand that enlists […]

Why On-Demand Human Intelligence Can Help Companies De-Risk Their Assumptions

While the digital age continues to open many doors for businesses, it has also left them with little time to validate their instincts when it comes to critical decisions, instead relying on untested assumptions. Fortunately, on-demand human intelligence is a viable solution for turning these assumptions into value through validation. At SMWLA, President of Suzy, […]

From Renting Condos to Building Mansions: escapex Is Creating New Online Homes for Celebrities

Osric Chau has never liked the idea of social media. But the director, producer and Supernatural star understands it as part of his role as a celebrity. There are a number of reasons for his hesitation: the feeling of exposure, his naturally introverted nature, and the fact that his mom is always first to comment […]