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Meet HearMeOut: The Social Media Platform Looking to Bring Audio Back Into the Mainstream

It’s no secret that voice and audio are having a moment—but will there be a time that they compete with visual in the digital landscape? The social platform, HearMeOut, is looking to be the leader of the movement and the one to find out. HearMeOut is the first audio-based social network built around 42-second voice […]

F8 2018: Everything You Missed & Need To Know

At its core, F8, Facebook’s annual two-day conference held in San Jose, serves as a showcase of the products and features in store for the platform for the upcoming year. These innovations are aimed to spark critical discussions about the future of tech amongst Facebook product experts, developers, and the broader global development community at-large. […]

The History of Wearable Tech: From Calculator Watches to VR Headsets

The concept of wearable tech isn’t new. It’s been around since at least the 1600s. However, the wearable technology of the past often isn’t recognized as the innovation it was at the time. For example, we’ve gone from analog watches to smart watches that can do pretty much everything. In the article, we’re going to […]

Here’s How HQ Trivia is Finally Monetizing its Massive Audience

People have been wondering how (and when) HQ Trivia, the viral game show app that regularly commands live audiences of 1MM+, would monetize. Two major sponsorships just dropped that indicate how HQ Trivia will scale moving forward. The first brands to partner with HQ Trivia are Nike and Warner Brothers. The deals come on the […]

Twitter is Killing its Twitter for Mac Desktop App

Earlier this week, Twitter implemented new rules around its TweetDeck and Twitter API to reduce spam and improve the quality and reliability of information shared on the platform. Now Twitter has announced another update, they will end support for its official Mac app in mid-March. While this is disappointing for the app’s fans, Twitter for […]

Snapchat Adds Giphy Integration to Add More Oomph to Stories

On the heels of a controversial redesign, Snapchat has announced a new integration with Giphy, the internet’s leading repository for animated GIFs. As part of the partnership, users can now apply animated GIF stickers to their content—something very similar to what we saw Instagram launch just last month. The news comes just a few days […]

Twitter Announces Anti-Spam Policy to Block Bulk-Tweeting

Last month, Twitter announced it would be creating a series of rules around its TweetDeck and Twitter API as part of its overall mission to reduce spam and improve the quality and reliability of information shared on the platform. Specifically, the company had been noticing a common theme of bots employing third-party apps to post […]

Pinterest Introduces New Tools for Keeping Pins and Projects Organized

Neat freaks, rejoice! Pinterest plans to make organizing your pins and boards a whole lot easier through several new updates. First up, Pinners can now archive their boards to keep projects compartmentalized and separate from your general pinning activity. Pinterest explains that one of the major benefits of this update, aside from contributing to a […]

7 Ways to Master the Future of Marketing at SMWNYC

As a marketer, keeping up with the tides of innovation is no small feat. Just when we think we’re beginning to understand one emerging topic, another comes along and we again must face the unanswered questions and lingering uncertainties around buzzwords that only seem to grow in complexity. That’s why we’ve programmed this year’s SMWNYC […]